If you’ve ever watched an American Idol show and then tried to get online, you have most likely come across some of the advertisements for Dish Network’s new venture in satellite television, called Area 51. The advertisements are so attractive that they’re hard to ignore. In fact, they keep distracting you long enough to give you enough time to read a brief biography on the man who’s name is Scott Weinger. You’ll learn that he’s the founder of the company that will be providing all the programming for your local channels, and that he was a long-time employee of NASA. You can also learn that Mr. Weinger enjoys playing poker, billiards, bridge, and other outdoor sports.

After hearing about all the incredible things that you can do with the Dish Network satellite system, you may wonder if you should be worried about Mr. Weinger’s lack of a college degree. Did you also know that area 51 it will give you access to over one hundred channels? No joke!

To answer your question about Mr. Weinger not having a college degree, the company that operates this satellite TV service is so confident about their programming that they guarantee that you’ll enjoy your experiences watching live television on their its system and they also guarantee that you’ll be able to log into your account from anywhere in the world using your single account login credentials. This means that you can be watching your favorite shows whenever it is most convenient for you, instead of having to travel back to your home television to beam in your favorite shows. If you think that the idea of being able to be glued to your screen for hours on end is a great one, and you’ve got the e-mail access necessary to log into your single account at dish network, then why wouldn’t you try dish network it for yourself?