An Overview of Smart STB app

Smart STB is an app that is set up on Smart TV including LG TV, Samsung TV, and Android TV. This one allows you to own IPTV service with a specific portal such as Mag boxes. Specially, it supports you to have a 7-day free trial to check the quality before purchasing, then you have to navigate to the billing site to make the payment if you are really satisfied with STB app.

How to install Smart STB app for Smart TV or FireTV?

Step 1: Install the STB App

What you must do first is installing STB app in Play Store or App Store. After all, you can initiate to use this app.

Step 2: Then click at “Device Inf”  in System settings

Area 51 IPTV IPTV Smart STB

Find Mac address: To find out your mac address, click to Device Info. There are two kinds of mac address below:
Software MAC address: it is necessary for activating app on the Smart-STB website.
Virtual MAC address:  it is important for activating on the server of your IPTV Provider. You should show this kind of mac to IPTV providers’ administrations.

Area 51 IPTV IPTV Smart STB

After that, you can fill the portal: in order to run our service. It will be working better with our service.

I would like to recommend to you STB app simply because it is truly easy-installing and faster to open when it starts.

There are some issues if it is not working well for your liking:

  • The first is that the screen shows: “Your STB is blocked. Call the provider.” To solve this problem, you should contact the provider and show us Mac address to let us activate it.
  • The second one is that the channels are too heavy and they are buffering all the time. You must tell us to reduce channel lists for you.