IPTV UKraine, like its American counterpart Sling TV offers Freeview television through your broadband connection. Unlike its American counterpart Sling TV allows you to stream High Definition Television (HDTV) directly from your broadband Internet connection. As this technology is still new to the market, there are some challenges that need to be addressed before it can be introduced to the market place. Let us first take a look at some of the major differences between the two services.

What is IPTV UKraine?

The primary difference between Sling TV and IPTV is the hardware requirement for both. Sling TV is restricted to use of just one type of cable connection while IPTV is able to utilise any piece of high-speed cable that is available. This flexibility gives IPTV an advantage as unlike cable providers who force their subscribers to use their own set of cables, IPTV can be transmitted over any recognised cable connection. This means that subscribers can enjoy IPTV wherever they have an available broadband connection. Cable companies have, however, made attempts to counter this by offering special deals and discounts for IPTV customers.

IPTV UKraine Price

Another big difference is the cost of subscribing. In the US, where Sling TV has been launched, there is no such thing as a ‘Sling TV fee’ meaning subscribers are required to pay an additional cost when accessing television channels through their broadband connections. The cost of subscribing to IPTV in the UK is much more; this is because the government subsidises much of the cost of the service and this means that it attracts a more diverse audience than the similar Sling TV deal.

However, there are a number of different options which allow subscribers to make use of IPTV without having to pay for an IPTV package. Satellite television companies in the UK like Sky do not offer IPTV and so those wanting to access IPTV channels through their satellite systems will have to look elsewhere. Cable television companies in the UK like BSB do offer IPTV and some of its packages include an IPTV box with channels like Sky Living, Bitter, Canal Live and Love London HD. These IPTV boxes have an integrated tuner box, which allows them to link directly to IPTV broadcasts.

There are also other options available. For those who would rather stick to a budget like the one supplied by Sky, they can opt for IPTV Over Copper (IoC). This is a single IPTV set up. It means it connects to the same network as your existing cable or satellite dish. It does not require any IPTV boxes or routers as it does not connect directly to IPTV sets like the ones supplied by Sky.