Some features of Smart IPTV App

There are a large number of IPTV apps running well with many different devices in the IPTV market nowadays. However, I would like to recommend a prevalent app called Smart IPTV app, known as SIPTV app with supporting EPG, which you can easily install on many devices.

This app is compatible not only with Smart TV (including LG TV, Samsung TV,..), but also on Firestick, Android as well. It is truly difficult to find this app in the official app store, but you can completely install this one to use without problems through SIPTV websites.

How to setup Smart IPTV App?

Unfortunately, SIPTV app is removed from the Samsung TV play store for some reason, which means you cannot set up it for this kind of Television. But it is still existing on LG TV App store. The only thing you have to do is to approach App Store and click at Download option. After all, you can use this one fluently with a satisfying feeling.

1. Open SIPTV site: to upload M3U link

2. Fill your mac address (it is located on your screen TV when you turn it on or at the back of the TV)

3. Add the Mac pin of your Smart TV for the first time If necessary.

Area 51 IPTV Smart IPTV

4. After all, click “Send” to complete all steps and restart the SIPTV app on your device within only a few minutes

You should load up all channels from IPTV provider. If it is too long to load, you have to contact us to reduce the channels list for faster speed.

Another special thing is the error which is showing “check URL 1 message”. It might be a problem of SIPTV service, you have to upload M3U Link again in SIPTV site, then reboot this app again after 2 minutes.

That’s all! Hope you enjoy Smart IPTV app.